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H.T.A.'s mission is to provide Tae Kwon Do training while implementing Christianity into everyday life eventually transforming all H.T.A. Academies into churches. By this method church will not only be observed one or two times per week but in everyday life.

H.T.A. is lead by 6th degree Korean Military Cup Champion, Master Young Jin Lee. Master Lee's life's work achievements include missionary work in the Rainbow Orphanage, ministering to the mountain people of the Philippines, and he is a graduate of the Masters Divinity Course. He believes that by integrating Tae Kwon Do and Church he will be able to reach more deeply into everyday lives more regularly with good direction and knowledge of Christ.

H.T.A. has a special missionary demonstration team lead by H.T.M. (Hallelujah Tae Kwon Do Mission). This missionary team travels to many churches spreading the gospel of Christ through Tae Kwon Do skills by breaking boards that display sinful ways such as violence, drugs, hell and Satan. Each breaking is done in the name of Jesus. Tae Kwon Do skills used in a unique drama about the life of Jesus is also performed to educate and remind of God's first great love of us. This team has performed at churches in several locations, including St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, New York and Atlanta, Georgia. The performance was televised for a Chicago Christian network and has many more travel plans in the future. Although the majority of churches have been of Korean influence, H.T.A. is looking to spread its mission to English speaking churches as well. This group of people meet every Saturday to pray, worship, and train.

If you would like more information or to schedule a demonstration please
contact Sandy at (618) 346-1100 or email sandy_kihap.hta08@yahoo.com

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